Where to use illustrations in UI Design?

Illustrations help present a concept idea in a visual way. They are a huge trend!

To help you make the right decision, read on our five reasons to choose illustration over photography for your next design project. Here’s where to use them in UI Design !

Landing pages that are well designed often convert better than those that aren’t, and the difference can be dramatic. A Landing page is supposed to let the user about the key features about a specific product or services . Illustrations are great for that!!

Landing Page

An onboarding should help the user understand what the product is all about, so its key feature and possibilities. So, illustrations are a great way to show it.


Illustrations are great way for gamification purposes , for example for achievements. In fact, they do a way better job at it than photos for example.


Empty states are screens in your UI that are not yet full of information. That is to say, they are screens which will eventually have content on them when the user populates them. Use of illustrations make it look more delightful.

Empty States

A 404 error tells users the page cannot be accessed — and it can be a major problem. When users can’t access a page, they can’t find the information they need. While landing on a 404 page is never fun , it will be a little less bad.

404 Page


Illustrations are a powerful tool in designer’s toolkit. Want to add beauty, emotion or describe a story in your UI? You can use illustrations to achieve those goals!

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